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How SPECIAL are YOU???

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Hello dear ones. To this note today let's breath and dive into a thought of being YOU. Yes, I am talking about being yourself. Though due to pandemic,we are all paused at one point of our lives but yet it seems as if time is flying. None of us are able to remember the dates or the days we are living because we are all  moving slowly in a fast paced time. Aren't we? In this US( U and me) time are you feeling special? Are you feeling yourself? How will you define this word, "being special"? Let's brief it. Once upon a time in an inspirational living podcast: The best of Rumi: The wisdom of love,he says: 
Only the soul knows what love is. What matters is how quickly you do what your soul wants. My soul is racing ahead of me. It says, “The body is too slow for me – I am going.”

     Every human kind seeks the touch of spirit in their body and every one of us will sprout what is planted in our soul. When it is said, 'look within everything is there' it means every one of us needs to be special every time we breath and same has to be made feel to the one we love.

“Be the person that makes others feel special. Be known for your kindness and grace.” ~Unknown

     Being example myself,I would say that I'm trying to make people around me feel greater than others. I'm trying to recognise what is special about the one I encounter. Accordingly I'm seeking someone's attention, kindness and generosity that brings out the best of me.I haven’t always done this well. Sometimes I’ve been too self-involved to shift my focus outside myself.

      But with help from some special people who’ve seen the best in me, I now know that every day—no, every moment—I have a new opportunity to do the same for someone else. And you do too. We always make time for the important things in life: eating, showering, watching TV, but if we find ourselves not making time for our loved ones, our relationships start to suffer.  By not making time, we are letting our loved ones know that they aren’t as important to us as we may profess.If someone were to ask you what you value most in your life, I’m sure that your relationships with your friends and family would be right at the top of the list. But for most of us, the way we spend our time doesn’t always show it.
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     Also people who turns out to be generous are considered "taken for granted" or "emotional fool". Think of such special people in your life. Recall the energy and potential they shared with you. Generosity and affection is the strata that has to be present lifetime. 

There was a 9 year old boy at an ice-cream parlor asking for the price of ice cream cup. "It's 15rs.",said the person on the desk. Boy asked for smaller cup of ice-cream checking his pockets. To this the person gave him a 12rs. Ice-cream cup. In return the boy paid him 15rs.( 12rs. for ice cream and 3rs. for tip). Well this act gave smile on the shopkeeper's face. 
is just an example of generosity. I'm no where saying that only money can buy happiness sometimes your very kind acts can bring liveliness in your loved ones life. Loving someone foolishly, recognizing someone feeling low and hold them with appreciation, bringing out potential of your loved ones, giving your time—to listen, to support, or to just enjoy each other’s company, cuddling up to your partner instead of maintaining distance, frame faces in your palms, curl fingers on the back of heads, gently nudge,sharing something you value with them to show them you value them more all such acts will make you feel special. Being special is as beautiful as making people feel special. Continuing such a way of life will lead you to be better YOU. There's no harm in expressing to the ones you love and means more than anything. Take time to remind yourself how much you matter and make the same for the ones who are around you. No matter what age you are, fall in love again and breathe the air that has music, love, hugs and kisses as I think YOU are lost in the paused yet poised world of materialism ( TV, mobile, games, technology and so on... )
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     Disconnect yourself to get connected to air besides you. Save this precious time as a lifelong memory of togetherness.


  1. Wonderful blog. Loved it. Can relate to each and everything.


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