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Rejuvenating lives in Lockdown - An Elastic theory

Almost all of us are well aware of the term 'ELASTIC'.Beyond that I would like to let you know something extraordinary about the term. Whenever you pull it, it reshapes itself within a fraction of time, but do you know why? Yes this question is the solution of this 21 days lockdown.
If you take it in a positive way you will be as quick as the Elastic. The potential energy it holds to make itself so extraordinary is whenever you pull it back it gets its inner bond as soon as possible.

Getting a positive look-out during this lockdown and bringing an attitude towards your work or daily chores, You will be much successful in keeping patience during this pause of 21 days.
Most of you might be overthinking of the future or getting worried about work but the solution is in itself. Use these days to bring something extraordinary. You just need to revolutionize yourself, as the mother earth is revolutionizing herself.

Let's get fresh breath, let's give a chance to ourselves to learn new skills, let's improvise ourselves, let's make the bond of relationships extra strong with understanding each other, communicating with those whom you were almost unreachable.

This is the time when we can observe ourselves, and find blank spaces where improvement is needed.
Work is an ongoing process, time never waits for you but there might be things or people who would be waiting to be understood.

Let's live the life, get in touch with people and inner self.