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Millennial chapter 2 Fairy tales vs. reality

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As discussed in previous episode of kids being millennial and factors responsible for it, today I would share how these juveniles respond to the reality after their fairy tale lives. How being tech-savy, these peer group faces problems of entire population growing up finding no joy of life. From parenting to technology,how today's youngsters are dealing with the world is what I actually wish to highlight. Previously talked upon, nowadays parents are extremely treating their off-springs with a tag mark of "being special". I don't know for what their kid is special for!! But, I have seen admissions in the most renowned schools, on the basis of how rich a parent is and not on how talented or worthy a child is. It is also witnessed in many school colleges and universities too, adolescents are given the certificate of participation— ultimately a certificate of coming last or loosing the game??? There are honors classes in school for students not as per their grades but because their parents keep on complaining, "My kid won't be studying in D section." To this teachers showed no response to such parents and accepting all demands for the millennial.
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Turning the point, when this group of people steps into the real world, they'll seem to bite off more than they can chew. They will see, in office there are no parents to promote them nor they are there to prove the ability of their young one. All one has is 'The boss'. A place where one gets nothing or embarrassment for coming last. In such a scenario, grown ups are shattered. Due to this there is an absence of confidence and self esteem. In other word, youth today are growing up in the world of technology, in the world of internet specially world of Facebook and Instagram. Physically they are on real corporate land, whereas mentally they belong to the world of filters. To the world where in every action, additives are must. Here, in such cases, probably every teenager is messed up with their life but they will try to cope up with the maximum likes and fan following on fake smiles and  depressed faces. We have youngsters teaching their adults, " This is life and what you lived was all in vein. You will never understand infect you don't know anything so just keep shut."
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 With the higher growing use of technology, we're pretty aware about the term, "dopamine". If not its a chemical signal in brain that plays many roles but it is one sign of human behavior that feels pleasure. Just like a happiness on getting photo likes or a text message from a loved one. Just the way a heart skips the beat on just one call from a boyfriend or girlfriend. In a third umpire view, it is totally a puppet show going on in one's life with self and technology. That is the reason, there are break ups if someone blocks you, there are expressions of depression at the age of 19 or 20, too young kid is in trauma of getting unfriended by his or her crush and so on.

This chemical is also observed when someone is obsessed or addicted to drink or wagers. In every way this is harmful to the growing mind. Though there are age restrictions on such activities, unfortunately our country has no prohibition on the use of technology which is no less than an invitation for striplings to get guilty pleasures.

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Every adult, who cares for their off-springs,should now be aware and step in for their millennial kid's betterment. It is mandatory to pay heed to the society of highly stressed adolescents. Though for every parent, it is immensely anxious and stressful period of life, it is must to learn how to make their kids rely on them and not on technology. They need to teach them to be an individual and not a part of herd of sheep and goats,where every other one is advancing. Avoid the allowance of unfettered access to media and devices that leads to more production of dopamine. Make them learn making realistic friends rather than increasing number of FB or Instagram friends. During this period of quarantine, let us keep our kids involved in building relationships and away from social media or materialism ( smartphones, laptops or access to internet).


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