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Millennials- an adult generation of 21st century

adult generation of 21st century

In this era where every parent feels their kid is different, stubborn and to an extent out of control, it is actually not a result of overprotection but an adaption to a world of abundance. This generation is accused of being entitled self-interested, unfocused, lazy. But entitled is the big one. Being of the same age, I can feel the same. There have been many activities and actions that would be strange funny yet for these generations, it is perfectly normal. For instance being carefree is being cool for them. Keeping awake late and waking up late is also totally fine for them. Socially illiterate yet too much exposure to social media are millennials. They own a world of technology yet they're unable to cope up with reality. As teachers we're considered as the second parents and we owe the power to shape these young minds. I think this can be healed through a few traits like

1. Parenting

2. Technology
3. Impatience
4. Environment
Individually we can talk on all four aspects.
Talking on parenting primarily I would say to every parent to stop making their child feel that they're special... Yes they're common and not special because once if your kid is growing with this tag of being special they need it always. Stop fulfilling every wish your child asks for rather let them turn up for all that they want. This will help to overcome their stubbornness. No need to bribe for your kid for anything. Providing them electronic gadgets especially smartphones until there is a necessity of it.

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One step of parents may forever be taken for granted and ultimately all millennial are left with a tag, " I've my parents to make everything possible for me by hook or crook."
Let them face the reality wherein they don't have anyone to give hand when they fall. Let them get up on their own so they can realize the difficulty of getting up after a fall. It is well and truly said, " It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed. " Let your kid succeed on his own. Remember he'll achieve only when he is worth of it.


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